elektra: (comixology) words by w. haden blackman and art by michael del mundo

black widow: (comixology) words by nathan edmondson and art by phil noto.

ms. marvel(comixology) words by g. willow wilson, art by adrian alphona, and colors by ian herring. guest art by jacob wyatt. cover art by sara pichelli and jamie mckelvie.

captain marvel: (comixology) words by kelly sue deconnick, art by david lópez, and colors by lee loughridge. guest art by marcio takara.

she-hulk: (comixology) words by charles soule, art by javier pulido, and colors by muntsa vicente. guest art by ron wimberly and rico renzi. cover art by kevin wada.

storm: (comixology) words by greg pak, art by victor ibáñez, and colors by ruth redmond. guest art by scott hepburn, david baldeon, and rachelle rosenberg.

thor: (comixology) words by jason aaron, art by russell dauterman, and colors by matthew wilson


artists who draw visible nipples through female superheroes’ costumes


October 20 |     2340


An early prototype of a spacesuit for the moon

You’re Clint Barton. You’re an Avenger.
Nope, I’m Ultron, and I shrank all the candy.



mother. friggin’. space. man.

And some people still think we’re alone here


"What are we, the uncanny Von Trapps?"

❝Go in peace my daughter. And remember that, in a world of ordinary mortals, you are a Wonder Woman❞ - Queen Hippolyte (1975)

Kate Bishop a.k.a. Hawkeye is actually the greatest sharpshooter known to man. (Shut up, Barton.) She’s practically an avenger. This is what happens when she gets sick of the other Hawkeye’s drama and heads out to L.A. The dog went with her.


[Queer version]

[Pan version]

[Bi version]

October 18 |     6947


I wanted to draw something autumny and I also just really, really love the idea of MCU Sam with an inexplicable affinity for birds.

(Riley would have noticed eventually, would have ribbed Sam about the sand-coloured finches that seemed to congregate the moment Sam sat down anywhere. “What are you, Snow White? We’re in the middle of the desert, how are there always so many of them? Honestly, Wilson, do you just carry them around in your pack?" Sam would have laughed, shrugged, tossed them his last few sunflower seeds.)


men who hate “bitches” actually hate women but are saying it in a way that they think we can’t tell………..we can


There goes my school focus. BOOM. Off into ~FANTASYLAND~, the home of Spirkshex and disappointed hopes for my future and lots and lots of F’s and THIS FUCKING PICTURE.

I’m okay with this. 




Then and now

But notice how this headline from the civil rights era is more sympathetic to the victims than most you’d see today.

There’s a reason for that! The white press was not sympathetic to victims, for the most part — and it certainly would not have used this language if it were — so my suspicion is that this is a special edition of one of the many black newspapers that were very prominent until the last 20 years.

Black newspapers were a crucial means of educating people about the injustices faced by black people, and about the civil rights movement. They frequently ran stories about black victims of lynchings and sexual violence, and helped to organize several national campaigns on behalf of black women who had been sexually assaulted by police and other white men.

The economic changes we’ve seen since the 1970s have seriously hurt the black press, like the rest of the newspaper industry. A lot of white social theorists like to talk about the decline of a vigorous non-government, non-corporate societal sector, and what it means for our democracy, but they overlook the fact that these declines especially damage oppressed & marginalized communities, who are worse hit by economic downturn and whose institutions are the first to be lost to economic predation. The importance for movements of the ability to spread relevant information, to provide a counter-voice — without the pitfalls of the internet — should not be understated.

I was wondering if that might be the case. Thanks for the info!

October 17 |     45969


"Spock, you suck" sarek whispers as he passes by